Premium Quality Lambskin Sheepskin Soft Long Wool Rug

Ever Australia UGG
$85.00 - $110.00
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Premium Quality Australian Lambskin RUGS
Highest Grade Sheep Skin, Soft, Luxurious, Non-Allergy, Comfortable
This 100% sheepskin skin rug not just a floor rug but a statement of your style and prosperity.
Only natural lambskin can provide you will the vogue in-style look, natural hand feel and comfort you deserve.

Storage plastic bag available.

Washing and Care Instructions
This lambskin is best dry cleaned. Small stains may be sponged off with a damp cloth. You can also wash your rug with mild liquid hand soap or enzyme-free washing liquids. It is recommended to dry naturally away from heat. Line dry or flat dry and stretch into shap while damp. A brisk shake and brushing with a pet brush or similar will restore the original lustre of the rug.

Please note: The sheepskin is made from natural material, so please understand that every sheepskin is not the same.